Ruptured pipeline from the Marshall Michigan spill

This is not a complete list, but just a few of the larger spills in this part of the world over the last decade.

2013 - Mayflower, Arkansas

Company: Exxon
Pipeline: Pegasus (1940s)
Spilled: 500,000 gallons of dilbit
Mayflower, meet Exxon: When oil spilled in an Arkansas town

2013 - Ripley County, Missouri

Company: Exxon
Pipeline: Pegasus (1940s)
Spilled: 40 gallons of dilbit
Exxon says Missouri oil spills from already-ruptured Pegasus line

2013 - Cushing, Oklahoma

Company: Enbridge
Facility: Cushing Storage Facility
Spilled: 105,000 gallons unspecified crude
Latest Pipeline Spill Is Mostly Contained

2012 - Sundre, Alberta, Canada

Company: Plains Midstream Canada ULC
Spilled: 126,000 gallons of light sour crude oil
Natural resources damaged: Red Deer River and Gleniffer Lake
Alberta residents angry after oil spills into nearby lake

2011 - Alberta, Canada

Company: Plains Midstream Canada ULC
Pipeline: Rainbow pipeline
Spilled: 1,170,000 gallons of crude
2nd largest pipeline spill in Alberta history

2011 - Billings, Montana

Company: ExxonMobil
Pipeline: Silvertip Pipeline
Spilled: 63,000 gallons of crude oil
Natural resource damaged: Yellowstone River
US Department of Transportation Report

2010 - Marshall, Michigan

Company: Enbridge
Pipeline: 6B (1950s)
Spilled: 840,000 gallons
Natural resource damaged: 40 miles of the Kalamazoo River. Over 17,000 gallons of dilbit have been removed from the bottom of the river. The pipeline was restarted two months later, but cleanup is still not complete after three years.
Accident report from the National Transportation Safety Board

2006 - Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Company: British Petroleum
Spilled: 267,000 gallons of oil
Cause: Internal corrosion
BBC: Alaska Hit by 'Massive' Oil Spill

1988 - Gasconade River, Missouri

Company: Shell
Spilled: 840,000 gallons of oil
Cause: Pressure spike
St. Louis Post-Dispatch